Yue WANG, Director of Jiangsu Medical Products Administration and his Party Visit magAssist

On May 17, Yue WANG director and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Jiangsu Medical Products Administration, led a delegation to magAssist located in Jiangsu MedPark, Suzhou High-tech Development Zone for a research survey.



Dr. Po-Lin HSU, founder and CEO of magAssist, introduced magAssist’s innovative R&D progress and development plan of short and medium-term VAD (commonly known as “artificial heart”) to the delegation. The artificial heart is known as the “crown jewel” of the cardiovascular industry for its design difficulties in interdisciplinary integration, multidisciplinary integration and a high level of system integration. The short and medium-term extracorporeal artificial heart on which magAssist is working is the world’s second and China’s first maglev extracorporeal artificial heart. The product is expected to fill in the gap in the domestic market, address the pressing clinical needs, and drive the development of artificial organ industry and scientific innovation of high-end medical devices in China.


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