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Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week High-tech Development Zone Session was opened yesterday


and characteristic activities were organized by various segments and carriers in the High-tech Development Zone today for one goal only—gathering global wisdom and building Xushuguan Economic Development Zone (Town) a Paradise of Entrepreneurship. 

Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week this year introduced the guests to Xushuguan for the first time by holding the Green Technology Town Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Forum there, so as to provide platforms and opportunities for in-depth talent and regional matching

Xushuguan Technology and Innovation Bureau interpreted the relevant innovation and entrepreneurship policies in the area in detail, learned about the project needs, and arranged for in-depth talent and project communication. Experts were invited to the site to give themed lectures and share entrepreneurship experience with the participants. Suzhou Science and Technology Town introduced the regional innovation and entrepreneurship environment and relevant talent policies. Dr. Po-Lin HSU, founder of magAssist, shared their team’s path of “heart” innovation; the persons in charge of Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 214 Institute of China North Industries Group and CARER Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. shared their research achievements in relation to “innovation and application of medical intelligent sensor and microsystem technology”, and explored the technological frontiers, industry chain and key application fields.

As one of the activities to be launched in the High-tech Development Zone Session, the first Medical Intelligence Suzhou Science and Technology Town Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals 2020 will be unfolded on July 12, and 23 outstanding projects will contend for various awards. 

West Eco-Tourism Resort (Zhenhu)

Zhenhu offers a living environment suitable for industry and tourism, and passes down the orderly Suzhou embroidery culture, thus guests participating in the Elite Week can feel the history, culture and natural ecology of the High-tech Development Zone up close.

Integrated Free Trade Zone

The Integrated Free Trade Zone introduced the innovation and entrepreneurship environment of the guests. The construction, policy advantages, supporting facilities and other aspects of the R&D Innovation Center and Industrialization Base of the Integrated Free Trade Zone all served as excellent “magnetic fields” of talent attraction.

Tong’an Town

The investment attraction environment through science and technology of Tongan Town was introduced; representatives of leading talents who chose to start their business in Tongan Town shared their entrepreneurial experiences from entry in Tongan to growth step by step; Tongan Town gained an in-depth understanding of various science and technology talent projects and their entry needs. The guests present expressed their intention of investment attraction by investment and talent attraction by talent explicitly, and plan to recommend more science and technology talent and industrialization projects to Tongan Town; some mature projects plan to relocate their headquarters to Tongan Town next.

Shishan Hengtang Sub-district:

Shishan Hengtang Sub-district introduced the business atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship to the guests present, and Yonghe Innovation Workshop demonstrated the office buildings for innovation and entrepreneurship in the area; Xingyun Talent Apartments provide a strong housing security for talents who come to start their business in Shishan; the successful entrepreneurial experiences of a series of talent enterprises give the participants strong expectations for Shishan Hengtang Sub-district in the Hi-tech Zone.

Fengqiao Sub-district:

Fengqiao Sub-district launched the Entrepreneurship Week Characteristic Activities in Suzhou Life and Health Town; the visiting guests and persons in charge of Dongmai Medical and Xiaolu Maker Space introduced their projects and enterprise, and fully discussed the project development plan and cooperation prospect, winning the full recognition of guests with the planning idea of Production, Life and Ecology Integration.

China Suzhou Innovation Park:

China Suzhou Innovation Park introduced the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, interpreted the talent policies at all levels, and held the Industrial Internet Innovation Forum. Junli ZHANG, general manager of Suzhou Cybernaut Innovation Center, and Yitong LI, chairman of Suzhou NewGenEco Technology Co., Ltd., introduced their services and shared their splendid entrepreneurship stories.

In the subsequent Industrial Internet Innovation Forum and New-generation IT Project Roadshow, Jian SONG, development director of Haier HOPE Innovation Platform, delivered a keynote speech titled “How Should Enterprises Innovatively Extend the Life Cycle in the 5G Era”. The projects were intensively contended in the roadshow for the first, second and third prizes.

The development of the High-tech Development Zone is indispensable from talents

The “worry-free” services of the High-tech Development Zone will not let talents down

The High-tech Development Zone looks forward to building a glorious future with talents

Suzhou High-tech Development Zone will provide

warm and thoughtful government services

and a passion of innovation

to work with talents from various fields

and vigorously engage in development.

Source: High-tech Development Zone Technology and Innovation Bureau 

Supervised by Aihua and Yunbin    Editor-in-chief: Zhuangzhou   Edited by: Xiaoxin

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