Software Engineer-QT

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for functional module development and validation test of medical electrical product software system design;
  2. Comprehensively understands the product system composition, knows the functions of each module well, and solves systemic problems;
  3. Designs product software systems;
  4. Takes charge of software maintenance, and document preparation and maintenance;
  5. Accomplishes other tasks assigned by the superiors.

Job Requirements:

  1. Holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer, information technology, automation and electronics;
  2. Has at least 2 years’ experience in software development of medical devices;
  3. Proficient in C/C++ language, at least 3 years’ experience in software development;
  4. Adept in embedded Linux software programming;
  5. Adept in 32-bit STM32 series programming;
  6. Adept in QT interface design and development;
  7. Has good documentation skills, able to design and write documents as required;
  8. Works earnestly and responsibly.

Preferred Abilities

  1. A good team spirit and good communication skills preferred;
  2. Proficiency in English, the ability to use English as a working language preferred;
  3. Experience in interface development on other platforms preferred;
  4. Data processing and algorithm processing ability preferred;
  5. Practical work experience in electronic circuit preferred.
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