Senior Mechanical Engineer

Job Description:

  1. Independently completes the mechanical structure design of new products, including scheme formulation, detailed structure design, 2D&3D drawing and BOM building, as well as design of related fixtures;
  2. Optimizes and improves existing products, analyzes mechanical related problems and provides solutions;
  3. Develops test plans according to product technical requirements and related regulations, and verifies product prototypes;
  4. Develops and improves product manufacturing and assembly process;
  5. Selects, evaluates and follows up the component suppliers;
  6. Prepares relevant technical documents;
  7. Accomplishes other tasks assigned by the superiors.

Job Requirements:

  1. Majors in mechanical engineering or related specializations; holds a Bachelor’s degree and has over 8 years’ work experience, or holds a Master’s degree and has over 6 years’ work experience;
  2. Proficient in mechanical design related theories, experienced in the development of mechanical products, and capable of independently completing new product development;
  3. Proficient in the properties of materials like commonly used metals and engineering plastics;
  4. Familiar with mechanical parts machining, molding, assembly and other manufacturing technologies;
  5. Familiar with new product development procedures;
  6. Adept in Solidworks/Creo/UG/AutoCAD and other mechanical drawing software;
  7. Has good communication skills and a team spirit;
  8. Has good communication skills in English.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Relevant experience in medical device industry or industrialization preferred;
  2. Familiarity with laws and regulations concerning medical devices and ISO13485 quality management system preferred;
  3. Adeptness in FEA and related tools for design and analysis preferred.
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