Job Description:

  1. Explores the international cutting-edge technology in the field, follows up the development trends of industry technology, and supports the establishment of strategic technical goals of the company;
  2. Identifies and manages potential projects before R&D, specifies project plan, has project research direction, implementation method and schedule under control, and arranges for interdisciplinary project team members to carry out work and promote the completion of tasks;
  3. Works with the R&D department to conduct technical/product research, theoretical model building, assists/trains engineers in experimental design and analysis;
  4. Supports internal and external resources for technical development; communicates with internal management to ensure effective allocation of resources; maintains friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with external expert/scientist teams;
  5. Enhances industry influence, handles/assists in the application for scientific research projects and patents, and writes scientific articles.

Job Requirements:

  1. Holds a doctoral degree in relevant fields (medical engineering/machinery/fluid/electrical power/electromagnetism), or has at least 3 years’ experience in complete research project leadership, execution or management of relevant medical devices;
  2. Has excellent reading, comprehensive and analysis skills, and enjoys challenging and diversified work;
  3. Has a strong resource integration ability and an efficient team cooperation ability.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Overseas study experience preferred;
  2. Excellent communication skills in English or a second foreign language preferred.
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