Quality Inspector

Job Description:

  1. Prepares and executes inspection documents of mechanical parts, electronic components, packaging materials, raw materials, processes and finished products, fills in inspection records or issues reports;
  2. Verifies relevant data statistics;
  3. Assists with the revision of documents within the scope of work;
  4. Conducts tests on purified water system, air conditioning system and compression air conditioning system;
  5. Conducts microbiological test and related tests.

Job Requirements:

  1. Has basic knowledge of quality management and knowledge of biometric safety operation;
  2. Has the ability to conduct microbial limit test, endotoxin test and sterility test;
  3. Understands simplex mechanical drawings, capable of using quality tools and conducting simple analysis;
  4. Understands OOS investigation logic;
  5. Holds an associate degree or higher.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Work experience in medical enterprises, medical device, food and cosmetics industries involving microbiological inspection preferred;
  2. Mechanical and circuit board related inspection experience preferred;
  3. A certificate of ISO13485 Internal Auditor preferred;
  4. A certificate of Microbiological Inspector preferred;
  5. Precision measurement skills preferred.
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