Process Engineer

Job Description:

  1. Plans, builds and continuously improves production lines to enhance efficiency through standardization, line balancing and automation;
  2. Evaluates and purchases production line equipment and jigs;
  3. Takes charge of procurement, delivery tracking and payment of production materials;
  4. Provides technical support for production line defects and deficiencies, and identifies the root cause of process and equipment failure;
  5. Improves and verifies relevant processes, and provides relevant verification documents;
  6. Manages and executes relevant engineering changes;
  7. Establishes specific production technology capability to support new product introduction to mass production;
  8. Provides relevant training and guidance on production line operators;
  9. Works with other departments of the company to ensure compliance of product quality and consistency of technical issues;
  10. Completes relevant documents and other tasks assigned by the supervisors.

Job Requirements:

  1. Holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher in machinery, electronics and industrial engineering;
  2. Has at least 5 years’ work experience as well as experience in large system assembly and testing;
  3. Proficient in office software, and able to use AutoCAD and other CAD design software, for example, experience in layout design of production lines;
  4. Has good communication and inter-departmental cooperation skills.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Experience in the medical devices industry preferred;
  2. 1 to 3 years’ experience in NPI preferred;
  3. Familiarity with ISO13485 and GMP quality system preferred.
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