Media Operations Supervisor

Job Description:

  1. Participates in the planning and implementation of company and product brand promotion schemes;
  2. Takes charge of daily operation of the company’s website, WeChat official account and other we-media platforms, promptly reports all kinds of activities the company participates in, and strengthens the publicity of the company’s image;
  3. Takes charge of product copy, brand copy and project copy creativity and writing;
  4. Plans and executes brand activities, including expert academic conferences, industry summits and exhibitions;
  5. Follows up the news of competitive brands and promptly puts forward brand competition strategies;
  6. Completes other tasks assigned by the leaders.

Job Requirements:

  1. Holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher granted by full-time unified enrollment universities, and has over 3 years’ work experience in branding or new media;
  2. Has good writing skills, able to guide the creation of copywriting and present the highlights of news publicity;
  3. Has good art design and aesthetic skills;
  4. Familiarity with new media channels and contexts, experience in operating WeChat official account, video account and Bilibili website account preferred;
  5. Has excellent communication and coordination skills and a sense of curiosity in new things, self-driven.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Experience in the media industry or medical industry preferred;
  2. Access to medical media resources preferred.
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