Key Technology

Blood compatibility is the key to development of artificial hearts.

The design and optimization require full integration of multiple technologies in many fields, covering medical science, bio-dynamics, fluid-mechanics, mechatronics, electronic circuit design, material molding, industrial design, and user interface design. It also reflects unique characteristics of research and development of external artificial hearts that expands across fields and different science sectors.

magAssist has developed leading competitive edge in core technologies to enhance blood compatibility with recognition in global market, including magnetic levitation technology, the latest fluid dynamics optimization technology, and mechatronics technology for special bearing integrated drive.

Fluid Dynamics

magAssist has applied next-generation fluid mechanics design and optimization technology to reduce adverse effects on blood, such as shear force, frictional heating, and dead zones of flow caused by rotation, in order to enhance blood compatibility that meet internal standards.

Full Magnetic Levitated Rotor

Active magnetic levitation technology avoids crushing and friction to blood caused from traditional bearing, and significantly reduce damages to blood cells as well as potential formation of hemolysis or thrombosis, thus extends life of usage.


Our technology enhances energy conversion efficiency, improves vibration resistance, and reduces device size. magAssist’s design based on mechatronics also significantly expands the clinical application scenarios, allowing ventricular assist device to be applied in ER (emergency room) or on ambulance comparing to traditional ones limited to use in ICU (intensive care unit) only.

MoyoAssist Extra-VAD
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