Key Technologies

The key to the design and optimization of artificial hearts is blood compatibility, integrating technologies such as medicine, biomechanics, fluid mechanics, mechatronics, electronic circuit design, material molding, industrial design, and user interface design; all of which must be applied in an inter-disciplinary manner. magAssist uses magnetic levitation technology, the latest computational fluid dynamics optimization technology, and special bearing integrated drive mechatronic technology, currently internationally recognized as key ways to improve blood compatibility.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Next-generation fluid mechanics design and optimization is used to reduce the negative effects on blood caused by rotation, such as shear force, frictional heating, and stagnant areas without smooth flow, allowing magAssist devices to provide blood compatibility with world-leading standards.

Full Magnetic Suspension Rotor

The active full magnetic levitation technology prevents the crushing and friction caused by traditional bearings, significantly reducing damage to blood cells and the possibility of hemolysis or thrombosis. It is also more durable.


Clever mechatronic design has allowed better energy conversion efficiency, anti-vibration performance and smaller size, enabling many more clinical use scenarios. Circulatary assistance devices that were traditionally only used in the intensive care unit (ICU) can now go to the emergency room and be stationed on ambulances.

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