Technology For Life

magAssist develops short- and medium-term external
magnetic suspension artificial heart products
which surpass international standards.
Building on these, it has developed platform-based solutions
for external life support systems serving different populations,
assistance needs, and clinical scenarios,
serving cardiovascular patients worldwide.

Artificial Hearts

“If a man can grow a heart, he can build one.”
Willem Johan Kolff, pioneer of the artificial heart

The left ventricle of the heart is responsible for pumping
blood to the whole body – this is where the vast
majority heart failures occur – and so left ventricular
support devices have always been the main goal of
artificial heart development.


The key to artificial hearts lies in blood compatibility.
Its design and optimization integrates insights from medicine,
biomechanics, fluid mechanics, mechatronics, electronic circuit design, material molding,
industrial design, and user interface design,
and also reflects inter-disciplinary research and development characteristics.
magAssist uses magnetic levitation technology,
the latest computational fluid dynamics optimization technology,
and special bearing integrated drive mechatronic technology,
currently internationally recognized as key ways to improve blood compatibility.

At magAssist, your ideas can promote domestic medical innovation

Your Investment Can Save Lives

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The artificial heart is one of the most complex and sophisticated medical devices, which is known as the “crown jewel”…

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