Technology For Life

magAssist is committed to developing short and mid-term external life support devices that exceed world class technology level.
Starting from magnetic levitated artificial heart technology, magAssist develops platform-based solutions for external life support systems that meet the needs of different populations, support requirements and clinical scenarios, and serve cardiovascular patients in China and worldwide.

Artificial Hearts

“If a man can grow a heart, he can build one.”
 said Willem Johan Kolff, pioneer in development of artificial heart.

The left ventricular of heart pumps blood from heart to the whole body, and vast majority heart failures occur at left ventricular.
Therefore, the development goals of artificial heart have been focused on support devices for left ventricular from the beginning.

Key Technology

Blood compatibility is the key to development of artificial hearts.
The design and optimization require full integration of multiple technologies in many fields, including medical science, bio-dynamics, fluid-mechanics, mechatronics, electronic circuit design, material molding, industrial design, and user interface design.
It also reflects unique characteristics of research and development of external artificial hearts that expands across fields and different science sectors.
magAssist has developed leading competitive edge in core technologies to enhance blood compatibility with recognition in global market, including magnetic levitation technology, the latest fluid dynamics optimization technology, and mechatronics technology for special bearing integrated drive.

At magAssist, your ideas can promote technology innovation for medical device industry in China.

Your participation can save lives.

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The artificial heart is one of the most complex and sophisticated medical devices, which is known as the “crown jewel”…

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