Government Relationship Supervisor/Manager

Job Description:

  1. Takes charge of the collection, research and analysis of various national, provincial, municipal, county and district level related project policies, formulates annual work plans of company qualification, project subsidies and rewards, and makes preparation and cultivation planning based on the company’s business strategy;
  2. Coordinates and integrates company resources, organizes and coordinates the application of the company for national, provincial and regional qualifications, projects and awards: including the mining, collection and incubation of the company’s internal applicable projects, project application, tracking and approval, and acceptance inspection at all levels and other related matters;
  3. Responsible for the application of various scientific and technological projects, qualifications and honors, and talent policies of the company; able to independently complete the planning, preparation and compilation of feasibility reports, fund application reports, project application reports and other important materials required by local and national government support and industry support funds;
  4. Handles government inquiries;
  5. Assists in maintaining public relations with governments at all levels;
  6. Assists in the administrative work of the company;
  7. Completes other temporary tasks assigned by the superiors.

Job Requirements:

  1. Holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher granted by full-time unified enrollment universities, and has at least 3 years’ relevant work experience;
  2. Has rich project application work experience and application results;
  3. Familiar with national and local policies, including policies of the science and technology department and development and reform commission;
  4. Knows the application procedures of governments, universities and high-tech enterprises and various subsidy projects well, and has the experience and ability in independent team leading and management;
  5. Has strong skills in the organization and compilation of project application materials, a good awareness of corporate image and a team spirit;
  6. Has clear thinking, strong executive and communication skills, and an organized and meticulous work style with plans;
  7. Proficient in office software like word, excel and ppt.

Preferred Abilities:

  1. Experience in successful application for national or major projects preferred;
  2. Government related experience or work experience in the pharmaceutical industry preferred;
  3. Strong skills in Chinese and English data review, translation, writing and oral expression preferred;
  4. Graduates from 985/211 universities preferred;
  5. Experience in administration preferred.
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