District Mayor Wei MAO Visits magAssist: Vigorously Support the Development of High-End Innovative Medical Enterprises, and Facilitate the Replacement of Imported High-End Medical Devices with Domestically Made Counterparts

Yesterday District Mayor Wei MAO and District officials Ying ZHANG and Guanhong TAO visited magAssist. They were briefed by Dr. Po-Lin HSU, founder and CEO of magAssist, about its development plan and product innovation and development progress.

Dr. Po-Lin HSU, Founder and CEO of magAssist, Introduced the Development Plan of magAssist to District Mayor MAO and Other District Officials

On the basis of maglev extracorporeal ventricular assist devices (extracorporeal artificial hearts), magAssist is committed to developing extracorporeal life support systems to save the lives of critically ill patients. The product lines include extracorporeal artificial heart, interventional artificial heart and new-generation artificial lung (ECMO), which will be successively put into clinical trials from the first quarter of 2021. Mr. Mao watched the product demonstration and a series of intelligent test platforms with great interest, and asked about magAssist’s efforts in product localized manufacturing and overall industrial chain upgrade.

Dr. Po-Lin HSU Introduced the Latest R&D Progress of magAssist to District Mayor Wei MAO and Other District Officials


Mr. Mao said during his visit, “The District will vigorously support the development of high-end innovative medical device enterprises, and facilitate the replacement of imported high-end medical devices with domestically made counterparts. It’s hoped that the products can be launched to the market and serve the patients soon!



For Upgrading, Medical Device Companies Set Sail


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