Control Engineer

Job Description:

  1. Develops active magnetic bearings, motors and test equipment, and designs control schemes for products;
  2. Develops theoretical and simulation models for the system through team collaboration, to ensure the dynamics of the designed system and the stability and performance of its components;
  3. Works with the R&D team to develop systems;
  4. Designs simulation test platforms, and tests, verifies and demonstrates the performance of the system;
  5. Assists in problem solving and system debugging during development;
  6. Assists in and participates in system verification.

Job Requirements:

  1. Has 3 to 5 years’ work experience;
  2. Boasts rich knowledge of control theory—able to develop real system analysis models and design effective control plans;
  3. Familiar with MATLAB/Simulink simulation control system test;
  4. Has the practical skills and experience in identifying the features of sensors and actuators;
  5. Familiar with the operation and application of all kinds of motors and electromechanical systems;
  6. Holds a Master’s degree or higher, or has equivalent industrial experience;
  7. Has the ability to communicate in English with international engineers, collaborators and suppliers;
  8. Has the ability to work in a dynamic multidisciplinary team and meet deadlines.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Experience in active magnetic bearing or motor control system development preferred;
  2. Understanding of microcontroller firmware development process and capability in C language programming preferred;
  3. Experience in embedded software development preferred.
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