Congratulations for magAssist’s Approval of International Science and Technology Cooperation Project of Jiangsu Province

Recently, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province released the 2018 Jiangsu Province Policy Guidance Program (International Science and Technology Cooperation) Approval List. The magAsist’s Key Technology Cooperative Research and Development Project of Short and Medium-Term Extracorporeal Artificial Heart Products was included into the list.

Dr. Po-Lin HSU, Founder of magAssist, and Professor Tim Kaufmann, Co-founder of magAssist, Discussed the Research and Development of Extracorporeal Artificial Heart 

The extracorporeal artificial heart is a life-saving emergency and regular treatment measure which can maintain blood circulation and body functions when the patient’s heart fails to work temporarily for various acute reasons. The artificial heart can be removed when a failing heart has recovered after a period of rest, or after a stable transition to other treatments.

The technical challenge of an artificial heart is blood compatibility. A higher blood compatibility can provide longer and safer circulatory support, improve survival rate, and reduce postoperative problems and irreversible damage to the heart and vital organs. Working with the RWTH Aachen University in Germany, the strongest computational fluid dynamics team in the world’s cardiovascular artificial organ field, magAssist will complete blood compatibility design and optimization based on the computational fluid dynamics technology, the drive and control system research and development, performance optimization and production process confirmation. Breakthroughs in the key technical difficulties in the short and medium-term extracorporeal artificial heart will be made to develop China’s first extracorporeal artificial heart product. Through international project cooperation, an internationally advanced key technology R&D platform for artificial organs and high-end medical devices will be further established. 


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[About RWTH Aachen University]

The RWTH Aachen University is reputed as the MIT in Europe. Its Department of Cardiovascular Engineering (CVE) has created the prototypes of the world-famous minimally invasive artificial heart Impella and device Circulite, and supported the development of extracorporeal blood pumps of renowned corporations like Fresenius and Sorin with its computational fluid dynamics technology. Therefore, the CVE has made outstanding contributions to the development of artificial hearts in the world.

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