Assistant Electronic Hardware Engineer

Job Description:

  1. Executes the test cases, accurately and completely records all problems identified, and ensures the stability and reliability of hardware products delivered;
  2. Participates in the design and construction of electronic circuit test platforms, familiar with hardware test tools and related knowledge;
  3. Participates in project testing and provides complete test reports;
  4. Understands test procedures and test standards on site, conduct tests, reproduces and follows up previous problems;
  5. Prepares other relevant technical files;
  6. Accomplishes other tasks assigned by the superiors.

Job Requirements:

  1. Has 0 to 3 years’ experience in electronic circuit hardware design, and has a Bachelor’s degree or higher in electronics, communications, automation or computer, outstanding fresh Master’s graduates acceptable;
  2. Familiar with all kinds of circuits, skilled in analog and digital circuit design and adept in at least one PCB design tool such as Protel 99SE/Altium Design/Cadence;
  3. Familiar with knowledge in the development of electronic products and related fields;
  4. Has a certain understanding of signal integrity and basic experience with the use of oscilloscopes;
  5. Has a fast learning ability, a strong hands-on ability, a strong sense of responsibility and professional dedication, and can work under pressure;
  6. Has good communication skills and a team spirit.

Preferred Abilities

  1. Relevant experience in medical device industry or industrialization preferred;
  2. Experience in the research and development and design of new product projects preferred;
  3. Familiarity with laws and regulations concerning medical devices and ISO13485 quality management system preferred;
  4. Good communication skills in English preferred.
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