A Quick Glimpse|Top 10 Medical Device Enterprises of Zhongguancun Revealed

Source: Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship WeChat Official Account

The 2020 Zhongguancun International Frontier Science and Technology Innovation Competition Medical Device Finals came to a satisfactory conclusion this afternoon. The 15 outstanding candidates which had passed the preliminaries contended online, and eventually 10 science and technology enterprises made into the Top 10 list. Check them out now!

Top 10 Medical Device Enterprises. Beijing TOPI Imaging Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Leading Innovation Medical Co., Ltd., Beijing Dawei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Beijing Med-zenith Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing WeMed Equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou magAssist Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Hyperpolarization Magnetic Resonance Imaging Team, Hinacom (Beijing) Software and Technology, Ltd., Beijing MagicNurse Surgical Robot Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiushishenkang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 
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